By The Way Community Development - "Where a little love goes a long way"
Drug and alcohol addiction destroys the lives of individuals and families.  Destroyed friendships, well-being crumbled, educational failure, and job stability plummeted are just a few words to describe the day-to-day life of an untreated addict.  By the Way, Inc. helps low-income disadvantaged people recover from alcoholism, substance abuse, and related difficulties.
Our mission is to strengthen the lives of those we touch by helping them through drug and alcohol prevention, treatment, transitional housing, and innovated programs. We empower children and families to reach their personal goals.
Our vision is to help those in the community that have fallen "by the way".  We empower, strengthen, and support at-risk families and help them reach their full potential.
We offer families five types of services: (1) drug and alcohol treatment (2) transitional housing (3) prison prevention (4) job placement and training, and (5) fathers are reengaged with their children through youth sports.  We wish to help people improve their lives and the communities where they live and overcome life's challenges. We are in the process of starting TDOEP classes  January 2016

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